Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne – The Bad Side

This is the first single from their forthcoming album, I Can’t Feel My Face.

Honestly, I think I could have used any single line from this song as the title for this post. So much funny stuff. “Skull Gang, Young Money” …but no “Dipset.” Maybe the rumors are true, after all.

“Weezy”–write it in the sand; I hope the wind doesn’t blow for eternity. No homo.


R. Kelly feat T-Pain and Usher – Same Girl (Remix)

Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Soulja Boy – Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)

These three guys are nice enough to show us just how to Crank Dat:

Kardinal Offishall feat. Akon – Graveyard Shift

So, Akorn raps, and it’s not too bad. He sounds a lot like Q-Tip.

You know, it might not seem like Akon has the street credibility to pull off this sort of thing. But he does. Here’s are some little known facts about Akon:

  1. His birth name is Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam.
  2. Akon has spent five years in prison.
  3. Akon is a polygamist and lives with several wives in his Atlanta home.
  4. In April, 2007, during a performance in Trinidad, Akon held a dance contest on stage, with a trip to Africa as the main prize. He danced in an provocative manner with the winner of the contest. It turns out she was only 14 years old.
  5. After said contest, he explained to the winning, 14 year old girl, that she had already received her prize, stating that he is Africa.
  6. Earlier this summer, during an outdoor concert in New York, a fan threw a plastic bottle at Akon. Akon stopped the show, beckoned the kid to the stage, yanked him up by his arm, raised him above his head, and heaved him down into the crowd.

So, yeah, he’s allowed to rap

Ja Rule feat. Lil Wayne – Uh Oh

A pretty neat song from Ja Rule’s new, reportedly-very-good-but-actually-probably-awful new album, Mirror.

T.I. feat. Jay-Z – Watch What You Say To Me

Jay keeps it ambiguous, but it’s pretty certain that he’s taking shots at Lil Wayne.  In any event, this is the best Jay-Z verse in a while.

You’re talking to the author / the architect of the Blueprint / my DNA in your music / motherfucker you’re stupid

USDA feat. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Fabolous – White Girl (Remix)

Part 4 (or 5?) in the Remix Baby series, I guess. It’s a clever thing he’s doing. Weezy F. Baby has gone through some Super Saiyan transformation and has become the Remix Baby, showing up with unprecedented frequency on just about every good remix, baby (pun intended, I think). At this point, Wayne has basically started to brand all of these remixes as his own works, in some sense. I’m waiting for the dirty version of the “Party Like A Rock Star” remix–the third or fourth Remix Baby tune–to turn up before I post it, just so everyone can hear Wayne’s “I have foursomes; I don’t have to force ‘em” line in all it’s unedited glory. In the recent issue of Scratch–purchased for me by Sean, pictured by me below–Wayne briefly explains his recent collaborative prolificacy:

“I’m cold, my nigga!…When you cold, everybody gon’ hook up with you. When you good at what you do, it don’t matter if it’s Whitney Houston, it don’t matter if it’s Young Joc, it don’t matter if it’s Lil Bow Wow to Enrique Iglesias. It’s gon’ happen if you good. If you good, they gon’ call you.”

In this interview he also mentions that he’s working with Dr. Dre on Detox, Dre’s elusive, self-described hip-hop musical masterpiece. Chinese Democracy, the mythological, decade-delayed Guns N’ Roses album, actually leaked yesterday, and it’s pretty great. So maybe there’s hope for Detox after all.

But anyway, maybe this White Girl session was when Fabo took notice of Weezy’s flow, an influence that isn’t hard to notice in his recent Rap City appearance.

And I’m sorry for posting so much Wayne. There will be other good stuff as it turns up.

It’s just that the Remix Baby is turning up nearly every day.

Lil Wayne – Love Me Or Hate Me

Kanye West feat. John Mayer – Bittersweet

Though it may seem unlikely, this collaboration actually makes a lot of sense, considering John Mayer is one of the coolest white musicians around and Kanye is one of the least cool black ones.

Here’s a funny video of them recording this song which pretty much validates that statement:

Lil Wayne – Help

This is just a throwaway scrap from the Carter 3 sessions. I think it’s safe to assume that Wayne is not playing the guitar on this one.